EIICHI P.I., VOL. 1  by James, K. Penn

This Suspense/Mystery light novel begins with Eiichi Kozuka, a not so average student, and a boy with a bad reputation, attending Aki Guro High. Eiichi has a strange gift which causes him to read the emotions of others at all times. With it being overbearing, and him generally unconcerned for his fellow students, he often sat smoking behind the cafeteria. Until one day, having witnessed a young girl with glasses being harassed by a group of guys attempting to steal her camera, he steps in and saves her. Noda’s curious personality then leads them into one harrowing scenario after another.

Rich P.I

James K. Penn writes with great humor and detail. Eiichi came to life as an unexpected hero, both to me and the character. His witty remarks had me giggling to myself as I followed his journey on an unexpected adventure. Having Eiichi have the ‘power’ to read others thoughts is a genius idea as a writer. You can switch POV without actually switching POV!

The development between Eiichi and Noda’s friendship continued steadily, introducing different sides to both characters as the story continued. As the Heroin, Noda is portrayed as a young girl who takes pride in helping others, and someone who enjoys the thrill of the next adventure. Her contrast to Eiichi works well with bringing out a lovable side to him.

As the story continues, I am introduced to other characters, such as Reiko Morita. A few chapters in, Eiichi and Noda offer their help with Reiko’s terrible situation. This is where James, other than once with Noda, switches POV. I didn’t take much to this, as I would rather James have kept to Eiichi’s POV, as he can pick up the situation immediately with his ‘ability,’ although I do see how it benefitted the reader and the whole situation.

Overall I really enjoyed this light novel, and recommend it to anyone wanting a quick read at only 217 pages and a taste for mystery. For only 3.99, you can purchase Eiichi P.I., VOL 1 on Amazon –