Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero

(To Synthesize – To combine into a single or unified entity. A+B = AB)


A young generation of talented boys and girls face their fear and Synthesize, causing them to gain amazing power. Knowing nothing of what is to come, a sixteen- year-old boy clutches on to his fathers last words and strives to see the outside world; to become a Blue-Collar hero.

Fighting to see the outside world for his father, Kai finds himself the Head of the domes main focus.

Battling against not only himself and his accidental monstrous power, Kai has to defend he and his friends from the threat hiding in plane sight. Will he succeed and find out the ugly truth? Or has the Head of the dome perfectly orchestrated everything as part of his devious master plan?

A dome built to protect the people, but is being on the inside really the safest place to be?


“For an author that is brand new to the craft and the business, I would say Mills is off to a good start” – James K. Penn




NAME: Kai Mallory

AGE: 16

LIKES: Anything adventurous

DISLIKES: People who talk a lot, sleep, being told what to do

BACKGROUND:  Kai’s father died outside the dome when he was twelve years old. Distraught by the events, Kai became secluded. He withdrew into himself and was no longer the lighthearted child he once was. He lost everything; his passions, his friends, and his emotions turned cold. He set aside everything to focus on one thing; becoming a Blue-Collar and seeing the outside world, just like his dad.

* * *

Name: Rey Hartmanrey_sketch-for-new-website

Age: 17

Likes: The color black, silence, being left alone

Dislikes: Crying, girlie-girls, talkative people

Background: After being bullied around the dome, Rey knew she had to become strong. Her father, wanting the same for her, diligently had her taking Tae-kwon-do classes. Her mother on the other hand, wanted her to meet a good looking guy and settle down within Haven. As she grew older, she became determined to become a Blue-Collar, to show everyone that she was strong.

 * * *

Name: Sora Fairfaxsora-sketch-for-website

Age: 16

Likes: Adventure, making new friends, nature

Dislikes: Bitter foods and selfish people

Background: Sora’s father researched poison on the seventh floor of the U.C, and her mother owned a clothing store in Haven. Her fathers chosen absence plagued them both. So, Sora chose to plaster a smile across her face, and the longer she wore it, the more she felt carefree. But the sadness she chose to ignore lingered deep inside of her. She never could understand how her father wouldn’t do the right thing and come home…

* * *

Name: Pete Corrigan

Age: 16pete-2-for-new-website

Likes: Gardening, sweet tea, helping others

Dislikes: Hot drinks and laziness

BACKGROUND: The last words he heard his mother say were for him to be a good boy, and that’s what he did. He was a good boy. When his parents passed away, his grandfather moved in. With the help of his grandfather, Pete held himself together hoping one day he would make his mother proud.


Name: Clay O’Haraclay-for-website1

Age: 16

Likes: His mothers cooking, girls

Dislikes: Hard work

Background: Clay O’Hara, being the youngest of four, often sought the attention of others. His older sister and two brothers made it through the S-grounds with ease. The only family within Haven to have all of their children do so. Clay felt a huge amount of pressure to succeed which he masked with an eccentric personality and cocky nature. This didn’t go down well with the girls. But Clay was reasonably happy. Becoming a Blue-Collar would be a breeze! He had his best friend to see him through the tough times ahead, after all.


Name: Anastasia (Tasia) Fall

Age: 16tasia-for-website

Likes: Boys, junk food

Dislikes: ‘Pretty’ girls, lettuce

Background: With her mother and father serving within Haven, Tasia never felt alone. Her brattish attitude caused havoc wherever she went, yet her parents would spoil her still. Getting her own way was an understatement, until her uncle, Vin, visited from Rhi-vault and set her straight. His powerful presence suppressed her childish frame of mind and lit a flame of respect and admiration towards him and what it was to be a Blue-Collar.