Final Hope by Joshua J. Peidra

Mikomi Saigo is shot by an unknown assailant and transported 10 years back to his 14-year-old self. He must relive his life to find his killer. But the more changes he makes, the more the world around his changes.

Final hope

While there aren’t any illustrations, there’s no need of any. Joshua is very descriptive, and paints a perfect picture of the characters in your mind. With that said, I had a hard time connecting with the characters. Mikomi, the protagonist, Serah and Ryan, friends from his past all felt generic. I feel that it was due to the characters speech, and how it was written down to the crossed T’s and dotted I’s.

Even with the lack of connection, the story unfolded nicely, although somewhat a little slow for my liking. I wished to know more about the shooting in general, but not a lot was said (hopefully in Vol 2!). The detail, however, was great. The fact that Mikomi could change the world with every subtle decision, kept me turning the page. The Custodian of Time was a nice touch, too!

For only 4.99 on kindle and 12.99 paperback on Amazon,  Final Hope by Joshua J. Peidra is a great read for the Sci-fi/Fantasy lover!




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Mohamed Shafiek

Forgive me if this is ring, doesn’t this story resemble the anime Erased a little too much?

Joshua Piedra
Thank you for your comment. I came up with the idea of this story back in 2014. My original goal was to make it into a manga, but my own skills in drawing were not at the level I would have liked them to be. I couldn’t find an artist who had enough free time to collaborate so I opted to turn it into a light novel instead. Erased aired in January 2016, after I had written the first four chapters of this novel. While I realize that there are similarities, my story is different than the anime. After watching… Read more »